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Newsletter of the

Monroe County Civil War Roundtable


October, 2005                                                                                                                

Our first meeting of the 2005-2006 year was held on September 20.  David Wiley gave a wonderful retrospective on the history of the 8th Maine during the war from a personal family perspective. This was great fun and what we all seek…new and unique stories that tie it all together! Our heartfelt thanks to him for a great program!

Our Treasurer, Kevin Shiflet, was unable to attend the last meeting, but will be on hand to assist with any dues payments in October.

Program Director John Crosby will continue to ramrod ourfuture programs, so contact him with questions or possible programs at 339-2572 (see below).


Program Notes:  With a little necessary reshuffling of our original program schedule, our Program Chair, John Crosby, has graciously volunteered to bring his look at “Brother vs. Brother: Research and Stories” forward and present it a little ahead of schedule at the October meeting. John comes to us in his retirement after many years in Massachusetts as an active “roundtabler” there.


While we have some possibilities for another new “hole” in our November program schedule, please jump in and let us know if you have something to share…personal research, family history, travel…anything at all.


Calling for Volunteers (Just like Lincoln in ’61!): If anyone would like to provide a small array of snacks for the next meeting (see below), and perhaps be a bit more inventive than my last offering, contact me at or 336-0757. The Roundtable will pick up any cost incurred…Steve Rolfe


Join us at our next meeting:

Tuesday, October 18 at 6:30 pm at the Monroe County History Center, 6th & Washington