The Sentinel

December 20, 2005


By-Laws Passed by Members  


A set of basic by-laws designed to be the “rules of the road” for running the organization, and developed by a committee during the fall, was presented to the membership. Based on both practical considerations and the experiences of other such groups, these by-laws will be referred to for the future operation of the MCCWR. A voice vote accepted the proposed document by acclamation.  A copy of the by-laws is viewable on the roundtable website: (  and will be made available at all meetings and by request to any member or prospective member for consideration.


New Secretary


CWR member David Wiley was nominated to the vacant position of secretary. A supporting second was offered and David was voted in without opposition. He is welcomed to the executive board.


Holiday Celebration


MCCWR member Deborah Cronin feted a record setting attendance with a fascinating look at the celebration of the holiday season during the war years along with traditional songs that all shared in singing and period refreshments.


January Program


Plan to attend the next MCCWR meeting on Tuesday, January 17 at 6:30 pm in the Monroe County History Center. Member and roundtable webmaster Rick Watson will present a program recapping his recent tour of the battlefield of Shiloh, the April, 1862, conflict that set the tragic and gruesome tone for the next three years with what was the largest land battle on the North American continent to date. It was also an event that brought both early fame and vilification to future Union senior commander U.S. Grant.

Tell a Friend About the Roundtable


Call a friend, tell a co-worker…let others you meet know about our group. We are interested in gaining all type of members, including those with little knowledge of the subject but lots of interest, students, devotees…in a word…anyone! Meeting are set for the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the meeting room of the Monroe County History Center, 202 E. 6th St. in Bloomington, 332-2517.


Membership List


The proposal to distribute the MCCWR membership list among all members was proposed and, as there were no objections, the list will be made available before the next meeting.




It takes a little money to keep an organization like the Roundtable going. There are refreshments to be provided, postage, honorarium purchases, etc. If you are a regular attendee, or plan to be, and have not yet paid, please see Kevin Shiflet, our treasurer, at the next meeting.




Anyone interested in or willing to help out in providing refreshments for one or more meetings should contact Steve Rolfe or David Wiley and let them know. We are hoping to be able to sample some Civil War recipes (hardtack with mealy works excepted!), so jump in and be creative. Expenses will be covered. All we need is the enthusiasm and desire.



Share Your Enthusiasm


With the membership list now being made available to all, don’t hesitate to share a story, cite an article, swap a book or arrange a personal coffee-klatch with a like thinking member. As we have already seen in our gatherings, each person has a unique and valuable story to share with others.


Program Ideas


If you have an idea for a future program, want to present one yourself, or even have a thought about a short pre-program activity at a meeting, please let one of the executive board members know. Everyone will be heard!